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At 38, the German health minister is the youngest contender to succeed Merkel. The year-old state premier of North Rhine-Westphalia and devout Catholic sits to the right of Merkel on migration, religion and family issues. Angela Merkel Europe European Union news. Merkel's old party rival was the first to announce he would stand to replace her. Her decision not to seek re-election as chair of her centre-right party kickstarts what looks set to be a close-fought race to replace her as its candidate for chancellor in Merkel, 64, has been CDU chair since and chancellor since The CDU general secretary is a staunch centrist, Merkel loyalist and the favourite to succeed her. Merkel has previously said the two jobs belong together. Updated August 20, German Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives have agreed that Muslim women should be banned from wearing the face veil in schools and universities and while driving, Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere says. The move follows an influx last year of more than 1 million mainly Muslim refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, and rising public concern after two Islamist attacks and a shooting rampage by a mentally unstable teenager. Regional interior ministers belonging to Chancellor Merkel's Christian Democrats CDU and her Christian Social Union CSU allies will later present a declaration on tougher security measures, including more police and greater surveillance in public areas. Among the more controversial proposals is a call for a partial ban on the burqa and niqab garments, saying they show a lack of integration, suggest women are inferior and could pose security risks. However, he stopped short of proposing an outright ban. For example, women should be forced to show their face while driving, when they register with authorities, in schools, universities, in public office and in court, he said. The CDU proposals must be adopted by the Government before they can become law. The debate over a ban on the face veil has divided Chancellor Merkel's ruling coalition, with her Social Democrat SPD junior coalition partners largely against the demands. The CDU's calls for a partial ban come as it has lost support to the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany AfD party, which says Islam is incompatible with the constitution and wants to ban the burqa and minarets on mosques.

In this context, it is absurd to claim that politicians proposing a burqa ban care about protecting women: When politicians talk about banning the burqa, the public hears an attack on all Islamic headscarves — not everyone knows the difference between the hijab, the niqab and the burqa, and not everyone cares. The important thing is that seeing women dressed that way makes some people feel uncomfortable, and desperate politicians are casting about for ways to validate that discomfort. Exactly the same principle applies in the interminable battle over women's basic reproductive choices: That's okay. If those women are victims of coercion or domestic violence, banning the burqa in public will not do a thing to make them safer — if anything, it will reduce their ability to leave their homes, isolating them further. On this point, Islamic fundamentalists and panicked western conservatives are in absolute agreement: Muslim women are provocative and deserve to be treated as a threat to masculine pride. Women who actually wear the burqa are not invited to speak about their experiences or state their preferences in this debate. I know Muslim women who regard even the simple hijab as an object of oppression and have sworn never to wear one again. We are told that this perennial political football is being kicked about in the name of liberating women. In practice, a burqa ban, even the partial version proposed by Merkel which will most likely be hard to enforce under German constitutional law, will directly impact only a few thousand people in the west. Rape and abuse perpetrated by white Europeans, of course, is not considered a matter for urgent political intervention — nor could it be counted on to win back voters who have turned from Merkel's party to the far-right AFD, which wants to see a national debate on abortion rights and women restricted to their rightful role as mothers and homemakers.

Merkel has given the party and to those who hark back to its more socially conservative Christian roots. Merkel, she has children. Merkel softened her stance. Merkel, who grew up in the former East as a Lutheran, Ms. Merkel sells short a woman admired for her own political acumen. Merkel gave her final speech as party leader, marking the end of an era. That is her greatest strength and her greatest weakness as she prepares to take over from Chancellor Angela Merkel, a towering figure both loved and loathed inside her party and her country. Merkel, Ms. Merkel said.

Eventually, inGermany did pass legislation requiring big corporations to allocate 30 per cent of seats on non-executive boards to women, but females remain grossly underrepresented. Angela Merkel may have little in common with Alice Schwarzer, the iconic journalist who became an icon of contemporary feminism when she founded the magazine Emma — derived for the German word for emancipation — more than four decades ago. Ever since bursting onto the public stage, childless Merkel has shunned the feminist label and gender politics has idled at the bottom of her priority list. Under Hitler, the country reversed practically any gains that women had made towards being treated equally, and while those practices and beliefs have obviously — and thankfully — been consigned to the history books, an essence of them may well have survived. In her next term, Merkel has the opportunity to help feminism go mainstream. But the one thing the two women both have is a platform to be heard.

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Merkel's political party, the Christian Democratic Union, was already expected to move forward with efforts to ban the burqa, but the press conference marks the first time Merkel endorsed the proposal, a far-right decision that many believe Merkel is making in hopes of earning re-election as Chancellor. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced support of a partial ban on burqas in certain public places. To understand the identity of Muslim women, check out our video seriesand get the facts, not the fear. A Gallup study indicates that this global marginalization is rooted in biases and prejudice that create a dangerous environment for Muslim women. It is worn by Muslim women for cultural and religious reasons and often serves as a part of their identity. Increasing Islamophobia has spread across Europe and the Western world, leaving many Muslim women uncertain of where they may safely practice their religious and cultural traditions. France and Belgium have already banned Muslim women's headwear nationwide, with localized or partial bans in Spain, Italy, Switzerland, and Russia. Keywords burqa angela merkel Muslim Women. According to Voxthe ban would not allow Muslim women to wear a full-face burqa in schools, court rooms, and administrative buildings. Mrs Merkel also announced a series of new measures to confront the rising popularity of anti-migrant party Alternative for Germany AfD. Angela Merkel Germany. But despite support for an all out ban, the legislation will allow women to wear the face veil in certain circumstances. The controversial ban took effect in April and made it illegal for Muslim women to leave their homes with their faces covered. Earlier this month Angela Merkel vowed to ban the burka in Germany. Images of French armed police officers ordering a Muslim woman to remove her 'burkini' on a packed Nice beach has further fuelled a debate over the banning of the full-body Islamic swimsuit. Imagine that you, not Angela Merkel, are chancellor of Germany in the fall of Large numbers of migrants in Hungary are making their way to Austria and on to Germany. Alternative for Germany AfD —an upstart populist party incensed by the influx of Muslim refugees and migrants into Germany since — had finished in third place, with nearly 13 percent of the vote, and was poised to enter the legislature for the first time. Angela Merkel has [ indicated ] that in the Syrian [refugees resettled in Germany will] have the right to bring their families here. What about public displays of Islam—being able to wear head coverings in line with individual religious beliefs, or minarets [of mosques that issue the Muslim call to prayer]?

Merkel Muslim Women
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