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When he and his African soldiers were ordered by Emperor Maximian to persecute the Christians in Gaul, they refused and were martyred near Agaunum present-day Saint-Maurice-en-Valais on September 22 in or The cult of Saint Maurice, most widespread in the Late Middle Ages, was first associated with the royal house of Burgundy and thereafter with Saxon and Ottonian kings. The symbol of the Burgundian Golden Fleece is attached to the cuirass, the Saint Andrew's Cross appears between sparking flint stones on the pauldrons, and the banner bears the imperial eagle as well as Charles's emblems. According to the oldest known version of the story, the Passio acaunensium martyrum The Passion of the Martyrs of Agaunumdating to about and based on the writings of Eucherius, bishop of Lyons, Maurice commanded a Roman legion in Thebes, which was an early Christian territory. Public Domain https: Saint Maurice Artist: Oil on linden Dimensions: Paintings Credit Line: Kollsman, Accession Number: Originally the wing of an altarpiece, this panel represents Maurice, the Roman legion commander martyred for refusing to slaughter Christians. In the reliquary statue, and the two related paintings, Maurice is depicted as the patron saint of the empire and not, as had been more common from the twelfth century on, as the patron of the Magdeburg archdiocese. Saint Maurice. Saint Maurice was brought up in the region of Thebes Luxor -- Egypt and became a soldier in the Roman army. He was gradually promoted until he became the leader of the Theban legion, formed of soldires. This legion was sent, upon the order of the Emperoe Maximianos , to resist the tribes' attacks at the western borders of the Roman Empire. The Theban legion settled down all along the western borders from Germany to Italy, near Lausanne in Switzerland. The Roman Emperor and his soldiers worshipped and offered to their idols before they engaged in battles.

Over religious foundations dedicated to Saint Maurice can be found in France and other European countries. In response to their refusal to use violence against fellow Christians, Maximian ordered all the remaining members of the 6, unit to be executed. Maurice was an acknowledged Christian at a time when the Church was considered to be a threat to the crumbling Roman Empire. A passage from the account of the martyr Maximilian which shows the existence of Theban Christian legionaries in the same units as mentioned in the Novita Dignitatum. The coat of arms of the Brotherhood of Blackheads, featuring Saint Maurice. Maurice as their patron saint as well. Maurice is traditionally depicted in full armor, in Italy emblasoned with a red cross.

He shared the latter title with his senior co-emperor, Diocletianand they made a formidable duo in persecuting Christians. Medieval statue of St Maurice in Magdeburg Cathedral. Friday, 26 September Saint Maurice: His Feast Day is 22 September.

Maurice endures while in churches in Switzerland, France, and Italy he continues to be depicted as white. What is known is the date he became a saint and when he first became depicted as black. Maurice is commemorated throughout churches in modern Germany as a black African dressed as a Roman Solider. Maurice in Magdeburg, Germany. Maurice iconography spread across German states but not across all of Europe. Like this: Like Loading Cite this article in APA format: Maurice ca. Although many historical authorities claim the entire episode is a pure fabrication of Medieval Christian Church leaders, the image of a Christian solider refusing to denounce his faith and defying a pagan Emperor resonated with Medieval Christians. Maurice was depicted as a white Roman solider in full battle dress. Maurice later became the patron saint of the Holy Roman Empire and an altar dedicated to his memory was placed in the Vatican. Why an unknown artist purposely changed the racial identity of Maurice is unknown.

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Brought to trial, Saint Maurice, his son and his soldiers firmly confessed their faith and they yielded neither to entreaties nor to threats. The saints endured these torments for ten days, but they did not cease praying and glorifying God until finally the Lord put an end to their sufferings. The wicked torturer gave orders to behead them and leave their bodies exposed without burial, but Christians secretly buried the venerable relics of the holy martyrs by night at the place of their horrible execution. During a persecution, pagan priests reported to the emperor that Saint Maurice was spreading the faith in Christ. It houses a 19th century altar supporting a cross representing, on the one hand, Christ surrounded by the Virgin and Saint John, and on the other hand, the Virgin holding the body of his son and the tombs of two pastors who died XIXth century. lagoa algarve online dating for lagoa algarve singles. mit den besten online dating tipps werden sie binnen kurzer zeit zum echten casanova im online dating.

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Christian Dating in Saint Maurice
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